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We are running imes publications in this we are publishing journals and books. All ours journals and books are available in both print and digital media. All our journals are having ISSN. We issue ISBN to the following published in imes publications.

  1. Printed materials
  2. Microforms
  3. Educational Videos or Movies
  4. Mixed media publications
  5. Microcomputer software (only educational)
  6. Publications in Braille
  7. Electronic publications

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An ISBN is not assigned to the following published products

(i). Advertising material (sales catalogues, price lists, prospectuses, publicity flyers, etc).
(ii). Wall posters, Newspapers, leaflets
(iii). Lists of exhibits without additional text
(iv). Programs of theatrical, musical, and other performances
(v). Curricula of schools and colleges of all kinds
(vi). Lecture and teaching material of manuscript character
(vii). Calendars and diaries
(viii). Forms & coloring books
(ix). Journals and periodicals


imes publications are publishing 2 National Journals and 3 International journals. IF anybody intrested to publish their paper in the following journals download "Form IV: Paper submission format" and submit the paper as directed in the form. Wish you good luck.


imes publications are encouraging and giving training to the new authors for writing books. If anybody intrested to publish their works approach us. By downloading Form II: Book Author request form and filling the form you can contact us. Wish you good luck.


1.National Journal on Information and Communication Engineering ISSN 
2.National journal on Design engineering(Proposed)


1.IMES International Journal on Communication Engineering ISSN 
2.International Journal on Design engineering(Proposed)
3.International Journal on structural engineering(Proposed)